Two smoking hot amateur lesbians

Two smoking hot amateur lesbians


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I’m a swimmer, a jogger, a lover, yeah all of that. Maybe I was playing hard to get when I said I didn’t want to shoot or get naked for the camera when I was with Carmen. But I also wanted to see how her shoot went before I tried. She’s always been the first to do anything wild or crazy. After I saw her pics I wanted the same kind too, like the modeling ones and the exercise ones.

I’m very fit because I’ve been doing water polo competitively in high school until recently. I also do track, and weightlifting. I can carry Carmen around without breaking a sweat. Yeah, I like my breasts, I think they’re perfect. It was about time I showed them to the world. I’m not exactly doing this just for the money but because I like traveling and being photographed.

Now that I’m 18 I can do more than just normal stuff. I think Carmen is a lot more sexual than I am and more promiscuous but I masturbate more than her and she has more sex. I have a boyfriend but he doesn’t know what I’m doing here, but its fine, I’m not fucking anyone so its ok. I know Carmen really wants to fuck the photographer but he’s not my type, but he’s nice.

I did the dildo and I showed Carmen I can go just as deep as she can when fucking and I let her fist me too. I’m not into anal but tried it for the videos to see what it looks like. My favorite parts are the modeling shoot and the workout pictures. I’m not into girls like Carmen but I’m willing to try a shoot with her even though she’s my bestie and I’ve never fooled around with her. But I’ll come back and do it.

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